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by Shaz Hassan

Tim Grabham aka Cinema iloobia is a visual artist, editor, cameraman, illustrator, sculptor and animator.  He has a deep connection with Stickerbomb and we've worked on films, commercials, books and more for over a decade. 

When did you first discover your passion for film making?

By having a film obsessed father who, whilst travelling the world a lot with work, always took his super 8mm camera with him.  The ritual of setting up the screen and projector to watch those films was magical as a kid, and from age 14 I was hi-jacking his camera and recreating ridiculous sci-fi and horror movies in the back garden.


What has been your favourite project given to you?

Probably RackGaki, the Japanese graffiti doc I worked on as DOP and editor with you guys. It was an opportunity and experience of multiple treasures.  I had loads of animation, camera tricks and ideas I was dying to try out but no real subject to apply them to. So to travel to Japan for the first time and have graffiti and its 'habitat' as a subject to bring to life, I went wild.


What is your favourite piece of creative work that you have done either in illustration or film?

 That is so difficult, I have a real affection for all my creations, but I have a soft spot for The End of the World Monster. It's a sculpture I completed on the day the Mayans were misunderstood to have predicted the apocalypse. So I like to think of it as the monster that saved the world.


What has been your biggest challenge as a film producer/director? 

Making the feature film KanZeOn which was co-directed/co-produced with Neil Cantwell. The scale of it and making a film 100% in Japan on next to no budget was a long, absorbing process. And to sustain our own film over around 4 years in the making when very few people believed in it was a true exercise in self discipline and self motivation.

 And what about now, what is going on in the studio?



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