Ezra Dickinson - Sodo Express and Seattle Living

by Shaz Hassan

Ezra Dickinson was the lead actor in a film we made called Sodo Express based in and around Seattle, USA. He is an activist, choreographer, illustrator filmmaker and one of those all round artists. 

How’s Seattle and how’s everything re: Covid and the art scene?

Seattle is slowly emerging from this pandemic...hopefully?

Still lots of masks and little by little, a face here and there. The art scene is trying to find a beginning again, shows are starting to bubble up. I haven’t personally attended anything just yet but I do see folks posts about this and that.




What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on posters, The Treehouse with Rockland Residency, and my “stories from the streets” project, interviewing people living on the street. 



Any plans for 2022?

Plans for 2022. It looks like a road-trip to see an old friend in North Dakota in the spring. PNB (Pacific Northwest Ballet) summer camp and at the end of camp I’m hoping to go on a long walk with my friend. Maybe walk the Colorado trail, roughly 500 miles. That’s what I got off the top o the old head😜