Introducing 'KOWLOON BUSTLE'

Introducing 'KOWLOON BUSTLE'

by Shaz Hassan

There is one name universally synonymous with Hong Kong’s graffiti scene. That name is Xeme. Xeme is widely recognized as one of most prolific figures in the Hong Kong graffiti scene and the wider Asian graffiti and street art scene and we are proud to announce that soon we will be launching a monograph with him.


flicking through a sample of xeme's first monograph book


With a body of work that spans nearly two decades, he is. responsible for the famous Invasian magazine, HKwalls and has contributed to a variety of streetwear labels over the years. Xeme has solidified his reputation as a graffiti writer in a place where, once upon a time, it was pretty uncommon to see any type of street art at all and 'Kowloon Bustle' is an opportunity to see Hong Kong through his eyes. Photography by Xeme himself (and friends of course) and art directed also by Xeme this is a unique portrait of a place influx.

This pocket size book is an artwork to itself and will transport readers instantly to today’s Hong Kong.

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