SODO EXPRESS - Our latest film looks at the way social media and technology effects behaviour.

by Shaz Hassan

With the trailer ready we are reaching the last push for our long-ish short film SODO EXPRESS.

You can read the director's statement and a bit more about the film over here 


Ezra is a street artist who feels like time is running out to succeed in the art world. With an unhealthy obsession with social media he is followed online by famous artist who encourages Ezra to go around town, taking pictures and reposting his work in exchange for likes and access to a bigger audience. Ezra starts to do as this online personality says but it leads into daring and dangerous scenarios.


Director / Producer  - Suridh Hassan

Camera - Shazeed

Editor - Tim Grabham

Animation - Ingmar Järve

Music - Matt RudgeJames Longley

Sound Design - IXA 

Art Director  - Ingmar Järve

Set Decorators - Ezra Dickinson, Zachary RockstadDani Blackwell 

Graphics - Ryo Sanada

Featuring - Ezra Dickinson Zachary Rockstad