Washio Tomoyuki - Nagoya, Japan

Washio Tomoyuki - Nagoya, Japan

by Shaz Hassan

We caught up with Washio Tomoyuki - a brilliant Japanese graphic designer and illustrator who we have had the pleasure of working with for years. 


When did you start illustrating? 

I’ve been drawing since I was a child though recently I’ve had moments when that nostalgic feeling of drawing as a child returned when I was illustrating. Maybe I’ve been drawing since I was born!? But I was particularly influenced by 70's Japanese graphic design and American Hip Hop culture. 


What is 70s Japanese graphic like?  Who are the main artists?  

It was very aggressive and stimulating. You must check out the works of people like Kiyoshi Awazu, Tadanori Yokoo, Kouhei Sugiura, Akira Uno and Makoto Wada. There are so many more great artists and these are certainly the heroes of Japanese graphic design. 


What is most challenging thing as an artist and how is it being an artist in Japan? 

 It's challenging to continue pursuing your style and to create an original body of work.  But I find it very comfortable in a sense that I can pursue my work in my hometown. The drawback is that there is very little foreign culture around, something which I was more present growing up. Perhaps it’s because Japan is an island nation?


What artists are you looking out for? 

Mainly friends that I meet along the way pursing my career. Sawa Hiraki, Hiraku Suzuki, Souji Takahashi, Shin Sasakubo. 


We've worked with Washio for a long time and if you're interested in collaborating with him and with us, get in touch on info@stickerbombworld.com and have a chat.