• Cover of 'Plaza,' a black-and-white street photography journal capturing South-East Asia. The cover features a grid of black-and-white photographs depicting various street scenes and candid moments of people. The title 'Plaza' is prominently displayed in white text in the center. Below the title, text indicates the focus on street photography from South-East Asia and lists contributing photographers and editors.
  • The image shows the cover and an open spread of the book 'Plaza,' a black-and-white street photography journal capturing South-East Asia. The cover features a grid of black-and-white photographs of street scenes and candid moments, with the title 'Plaza' in white text. The open spread inside the book shows black-and-white photographs from Bangkok, including images of street vendors, a dog, and everyday life. The layout is minimalist, with the photographs arranged against a white background.
  • A black-and-white photograph from the book 'Plaza' showing a candid moment of two children at an outdoor event. One child is holding a drink and looking ahead with an open mouth, while the other is making a funny face with pursed lips and glasses. In the background, adults are wearing face masks and one is pointing, creating a dynamic and lively scene.
  • An open spread from the book 'Plaza' featuring black-and-white photographs from Cambodia. The left page shows two images: a shirtless man standing by a river with a motorcycle in the background, and a man standing in front of a truck. The right page shows two images: a woman holding a child, and an older man wearing sunglasses. The layout is clean with the photographs centered on a white background.
  • A black-and-white photograph from the book 'Plaza' showing a close-up of a person receiving a haircut on the street. The person is wearing a plastic cape and has their eyes closed, appearing relaxed. Several barbers are at work in the background, busy with other clients under an outdoor structure. The scene captures the bustling and intimate atmosphere of a street barber setup.
  • A black-and-white photograph from the book 'Plaza' showing a group of elderly people sitting around a table, engaged in a card game. They are seated outdoors in a shaded area, and the mood appears relaxed and cheerful. The image captures the camaraderie and leisure of the group, with smiles and a sense of community evident on their faces.
  • An open spread from the book 'Plaza' showing the credits on the left page and a black-and-white photograph on the right page. The credits page lists contributors, photographers, and editors in a clean, organized format. The photograph on the right page depicts a person seated under a large, angled desk lamp that obscures their face, creating a dramatic, shadowed effect. The person is holding a pair of glasses and is dressed in a white shirt, with the background featuring Chinese characters on a sign.

Plaza - Street Photography From Southeast Asia

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Explore "PLAZA" - A Black-and-White Street Photography Journal Capturing South-East Asia


Discover the vibrant and diverse world of South-East Asia through the captivating lens of local photographers in "PLAZA." As a leading street photography journal published twice a year, "PLAZA" is dedicated to capturing the essence of the region in stunning detail. Each issue showcases a carefully curated selection of black-and-white photographs, offering a unique and intimate look at the people, places, and cultures that make South-East Asia so special.

The first journal features the talents of 18 photographers from Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Each photographer brings a unique perspective to the project, focusing on black-and-white street photography to reveal the hidden layers of daily life in the region.

Perfect for photography enthusiasts and those interested in South-East Asian culture, "PLAZA" provides an in-depth exploration of the region's diverse and dynamic street life. Don't miss your chance to immerse yourself in the stunning imagery and profound stories captured in "PLAZA."




DIMENSIONS: Black & white print throughout, softcover, perfect bound, 210 x 275mm

ISBN: 978-1-7397509-6-1


Plaza 01 features the work of 

Aziziah Diah Aprilya, Azrizal Abu Che, Bill Satya, Callie Eh, Christian Tâm Schalch, Derrick Ong, Edmond Leong, Jamie Winder, Kaylie Ong, Khai Yussof, Merik One, Pokchat Worasub, Samantha Radaza, Sansitny Ruth, Sinsee Ho, Suridh Das-Hassan, Thet Oo Maung and Zach Driggs.