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  • A vibrant cartoon-style illustration of a busy street scene with children, anthropomorphic rabbits, market stalls, and graffiti, framed by an ornate border with Chinese characters and a star emblem. The word "Graffiti" is at the bottom.
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China Tuya, Graffiti Asia - Popil and Dezio

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"China Tuya" by Popil and Dezio – Illustration Print

Celebrate the vibrant and whimsical artistry of Popil and Dezio with "China Tuya," an enchanting illustration featured in the acclaimed Graffiti Asia book. This print captures the lively essence of contemporary Asian street culture with a unique and colorful twist.

Product Features:

  • Title: China Tuya
  • Artists: Popil and Dezio
  • Publication: Featured in the Graffiti Asia book
  • Print Type: Giclée print on Ilford cotton textured paper
  • Material: Robust and craft-feel paper, excellent for mounting
  • Dimensions: 11.7 inches x 16.5 inches (A3 size)

Why You'll Love It:

  1. Vibrant and Unique Art: A colorful depiction of contemporary Asian street culture.
  2. High-Quality Print: Giclée on Ilford cotton textured paper for a robust and craft-like feel.
  3. Perfect for Display: Handles mounting well, ideal for showcasing in any space.

Add "China Tuya" to your collection and bring a touch of modern Asian art into your home or office. This illustration by Popil and Dezio not only stands out with its vivid details and playful characters but also represents a piece of the dynamic street art culture captured in Graffiti Asia.