• An image of a graffiti-covered brick wall with the text "A'DAM GRAFFITY" written in white, jagged letters. Below it, the names "L. Koopmans" and "P. Lemin" are also written in a similar style.
  • A heavily graffiti-covered wall displaying an array of colorful tags, writings, and drawings. The wall features various names, symbols, and phrases in different colors and styles, including prominent text in white that reads "Wach P.K.P. Dr. Klotz." The graffiti includes a mix of spray-painted and hand-drawn elements, reflecting a chaotic and vibrant street art scene.
  • A split image showing graffiti on two walls in Amsterdam. The left side features a white wall with red graffiti reading "RAKEN GAAT DOOR" below a black-framed window. The right side shows a wall with posters and blue graffiti reading "ATOOM STROOM NEE!" above an electrical box with additional tags.
  • Graffiti on a brick wall in Amsterdam. On the left, black text on a white background reads "Piet is NIET Thuis." On the right, red graffiti reads "F-SIDE micky." The lower part of the wall also has the phrase "YOUR CORNER" sprayed in white.
  • A split image showing graffiti in Amsterdam. The left side features a large building with the words "SINGEL PPS BLYFT BEWOOND" painted in white on the facade. The right side shows a close-up of a white wall next to a door, covered with various small graffiti, including doodles, symbols, and text in different colors.
  • Graffiti stenciled on a wall in Amsterdam showing two identical images side by side. Each image depicts two figures on a motorcycle, with one figure holding a gun and the other holding a briefcase. Above each image, the text "DRESSED TO KILL" is written in a stylized font. The overall scene is set against a pale, weathered background.
  • A plain white page with text in the bottom left corner. The text reads: "Amsterdam Graffiti 1980 photographed by Patrick Lemin second edition 2019." Below this, there is a logo and text that reads "NOKKIO Institute of Vices."

Amsterdam Graffiti 1980 - Nokkio

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 The Unique History of Graffiti in Amsterdam

Graffiti in Amsterdam holds a distinctive status compared to most European cities, where name writing in public spaces emerged as a New York-influenced movement in the 1980s. In the Dutch capital, graffiti has roots tracing back to the 1960s, when political conflicts left slogans and messages on the city's walls.

Building on this foundation, the 1970s punk scene in Amsterdam utilized public spaces not only to advertise concerts and favorite bands but also to develop individual nicknames and logos. The concept of "getting up" perfectly describes the vibrant graffiti culture that flourished in Amsterdam years before NYC-style graffiti reached the Netherlands.

Series: NOKKIO Institute of zines #2019
Published by: NOKKIO Institute of zines
Release Date: 2019
Contributors: Patrick LEMIN, Ben BROHÁNSZKY
Pages: 72
Limited to 100 Copies