Stickerbomb started life as a book series in 2008. It was made by creative studio theSRK / Studio Rarekwai and published by old school UK publishers Laurence King Publishing. The founders and authors, Ryo Sanada (rios) and Suridh Hassan (shaz) also made documentaries, indie films, adverts and produced events with the HQ being in the heart of East London — Mare Street, Hackney.

For a time it was good - really good!

Stickerbomb, the first original book, featured around 100 artists - world class artists from street art, illustration and graffiti and it was a great book that sold very well.

But a couple years after that release, both Ryo and Shaz felt living in London, fun as it is, was still a small part of the world. Both being part Asian they decided to follow their heritage and head East to the tropics where life is sunnier and opportunities are abundant.


Now over the last decade, Stickerbomb has had a home in Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore and even Cambodia. In these places Ryo and Shaz met some great artists, had some great events, their fair share of ups and downs and made a lot friends plus had a good laugh doing it.


So here we are -- a post Covid, digital first, polarized world.It feels now, more than ever, we need to re-introduce ourselves to a whole new community. We’ll do this through what we know - more collaborations, more artist callouts, more releases. We’ll do it our way as we are artists ourselves. So having been around for over a decade, releasing books and putting out work, it feels we are just getting started.