About Stickerbomb

Since 2008 we have published Stickerbomb book as well as more documentary art books such as Rackgaki and Graffiti Asia.  We are now creating a whole new range of books. More sticker books, more artist books and more artwork.

We aim to make publications affordable, democratic, fun and useful with the aim to uncover and document art from all across the world. 

Soon we will be accepting submissions, so please email a link to your dropbox, google drive, or a Wetransfer link with low res fils with any info about you, your place and process.

Once accepted we will need between 20-30 images of your work both finished and unfinished including images of process, behind the scenes, sketches and work that has not been seen before, either old or new. 10-20 photos of your studio, place you work or place you paint, outside and inside and between 10-20 photos that show us your neighborhood, the area you live, where you hang out and even the food you eat.


Please do look at our previous work to understand what we would like to see.