Submit And Contribute to STICKERBOMB WORLD

ARTISTS CALLOUTS have kept STICKERBOMB going since 2008 and we are always looking to collaborate, feature, big-up and show off talent from across the world.

As an artist you can submit work for an entry to one of our books or zines - callouts happen at least twice a year and you can check this google forms document to get going.

You are also welcome to contribute to our blog. So if you enjoy writing and you fancy submitting an article, we're interested in work processes, localized issues and diversity - of people, talent and the different approaches to art and creativity.

So please get in touch with a text only version of the post and we'll send you a link to be register and then you can add content, refine your article and we can work together to get it ready for publishing.

If you enjoy art and creativity you can support us and any of the STICKERBOMB artists by buying a teeshirt or a print. You can look through one of our books, choose a design and have it printed and shipped directly to you.