• Mictoon Sticker Pack
  • Mictoon Sticker Pack
  • Mictoon Sticker Pack
  • Mictoon Sticker Pack


Mictoon Sticker Pack

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5 High Quality Vinyl Stickers

  • High quality die-cut printed on white vinyl.
  • Waterproof
  • Approximately 3" x 3"
As a kid I would collect all sorts of things; stickers, stamps, coins, etc... I loved the idea of having a collection of similar things that came together as a whole.   
I think stickers are a great way to express oneself. Sticker slapping is fun and exciting. It's always great going back and seeing your artwork all over. 
My style comes from several major influences. As a kid I was obsessed with my Nintendo (NES). In class or whenever I couldn't play it, I would day dream about video games and drawing my own characters, worlds, monsters and levels. One of my favourite cartoon was Ren & Stimpy, I would draw them constantly. Other influences in my teens came from various obscure comic books, and tattoo art. All these influences contribute to my style today.