Artist Q&A | Matt Sloe

When we first looked at Matt Sloe’s art, we spotted resemblances to human elements, an omnipresent feature in his work. Here, he takes us through the earlier years in his life, till when he started developing a style of “life drawing”, which now defines him as an illustrator. Hi Matt! Introduce yourself to our Stickerbomb fans! I’m an illustrator from a small remote town in Scotland called Wick, but I moved away after school to explore the city lights of […]


Artist Q&A | Proya

Proya is an artist and graphic designer from Belgrade, Serbia where its compelling art scene is sustained on the passion and grind of artists. Proya is influenced by veteran comic book writers Max Bunker and Magnus. He has featured his work in our Stickerbomb books and here, he talks about his lifestyle, art style and inspiration.  Please tell us your name and where you are from.  My name is Nikola Prijic-Proja/Proya and I would mainly as digital doodles! What makes my work unique is a […]


Artist Q&A | Two Dimes

Two Dimes is a California-based Canadian artist and graphic designer who explores a style influenced by late-night television and slice-of-life narratives in graphic novels. Taking on a style that has given her work edge, grime and humility, she admires fellow artists who hustle hard at a vision while doing what they love – an ethic that is sure as hell worth beyond just a few dimes.     Give us a brief introduction of yourself. I’m a Canadian artist/graphic designer currently living in […]


Artist Q&A | Iloobia

Iloobia is a visual artist, editor, cameraman, illustrator, sculptor and animator.  He has a deep connection with SRK and has been involved in one way or another on all SRK projects, from editing long format documentaries to contributing to Stickerbomb.  He is one of the key creative forces behind the SRK as well as being a good friend.  Currently based in his studio in north London, he talks to us about his monstrous creations and insights into this projects.  When […]


Stickerbomb 3 X Secret Walls Launch Party at Start Los Angeles

The Stickerbomb team was in Los Angeles last weekend for our Stickerbomb 3 X Secret Walls launch party! Thank you to all who turned up at Start Los Angeles. It was a thrill to see artists and their fans come together for a night of art and drinks – our collaboration with Secret Walls had artists Start Vault and Upendo impressing the good people of L.A. with an intense 90 minutes illustration battle! You can now head over to our Facebook page to watch our live streaming […]


Artist Q&A | Diego Medina

Diego Medina has been a long time collaborator with the SRK and a good friend. His organic and abstract illustrations have fascinated us since we first laid eyes on them and his great personality comes across in his colourful drawings. He is one of the very few artists who have contributed artwork to every one of the first four Stickerbomb books. In his first interview with the SRK he talks to us about where he is from and his obsession […]


Artist Chat: Muklay

Hey Muklay, really excited to have your work in our upcoming edition of Stickerbomb 3! Are you as excited as we are? Yes I am very excited to be features on Stickerbomb 3! Anyway, can you introduce yourself to our Stickerbomb fans out there? Sure ! Hello I’m Muklay, a visual artist based in Indonesia, Jakarta. I like working with chinese ink in my illustration. Illustration is my passion and medium is only a executor for making some art. If you […]


Artist Q&A | Ben Rider

Tell us more about your work  Im an illustrator and printmaker who loves to make massively vibrant, edgy work with a really rough punky look and feel. My approach to work is influenced a lot by the process of printmaking and taking a really experimental crazy approach to the physical producing of the imagery and what that adds. My work is built up from a dense hybrid of collage, drawing and multi layered colours and experimentation, I LOVE offsets, drips, smudges, […]


The Long Awaited Stickerbomb 3 Is Out Now!

After months of hard work and waiting, we’re really excited to share our latest edition, Stickerbomb 3 with all of our Stickerbomb fans worldwide.     The latest edition features a collection of international artists including: Bisser (Belgium) BareOne (UK) Dres13 (US) FatGomez (Italy) Killer Acid (US) Luis Pinto (Mexico) Mr Four Fingers (UK) Space MCK (Australia) Train Of Thoughts (Switzerland) With it’s forward by D*face, Stickerbomb 3  is the bound to be the most “Bombalicious” edition to date! Click on […]


Artist Chat: Jaypee

Hey Jaypee, really excited to have your work in our upcoming edition of Stickerbomb 3! Are you as excited as we are?  Im really excited to have my work in the next edition of Stickerbomb, its a book I’ve been collecting and gawking at since I was a snot faced teenager, so to have my work in the next edition is pretty big for me, its a big tick on the bucket list, so thankyou for having me involved! Can […]