BisserBisser - he's so nice, you say his name twice

by Shaz Hassan

Bisser hails from Leuven, Belgium and his name means encore, or repeat. He feautured in a number of our Stickerbomb books and we recently visited him in the historical town of Leuven to see what he's been up to.

Leuven is not a big place, but it's a got a rich history. With pubs spanning back to the 13th and 14th century, it is home to the famous Stella Artois Brewery. With a ton of delicate and intricate gothic architecture, walking around you can see the influences on the work of local artist Bisser who's studio resides in one of the old Stella Artois buildings.

"We moved in around 7 years ago, it was so shitty, the lights didn't work but the first evening, I had friends around and one of them managed to hook up the lights to the mains - now all the electricity comes from 2 plugs."

His studio is huge and a number of other artists have rooms and floors. "The top floor was crazy, it was all wood, with a round bed, mirrors, a bar with one button that when pressed all the shutters would close - we think this was the Stella Artois party house".

Bisser is all about evolution and challenge and the importance of concept over style. "For many artists they feel they have found a style that can earn them a living, they can promote in instagram, but at the end of the day being colorful is not a style".

For Bisser that need to challenge and evolve is what has pushed him from the world of graffiti to large scale murals, to detailed illustration to paper mâché and sculpting and it does not look like it will stop there.

 For more info on Bisser, check his site out and if you're interested in collaborating with him, with us shoot us an email