Welcome To Soi Books and the Soi Co crew

by Shaz Hassan

We’ve had a busy few months with building a new Soi Books website, laying out new books, and forming a new creative community.



Why Are We Launching A Creative Community?

We want artists and fans to engage with us so we can create more books and help bring ideas to life.

That is a big statement. We have asked ourselves the whys and whats and have had conversations with many of you about this. We know if we open up about how we get books made, share in a better way how ideas come to life and then offer that to you all, we can build a sustainable creative publishing business.



Many Artists Are Doing This Alone And Don’t Want to. 

We have made Stickerbomb books since 2008 and have been around filmmaking, the art world, and book publishing for nearly 15 years. We have had our share of client work with big and small clients. We have worked in most territories and have experienced highs and lows.  After years of this, we are creating a place where we can put all our experiences under one roof. Providing a way to put our know-how to good use and supporting artists in what they want to achieve.

With a community, we can provide a platform to support and open the doors to fans to also be part of the process.


How Does It work?

You have an idea for a book, artwork, or product and want to get it made. Tell us.

Tell us via DM or share in one of the community spaces. We can help shape it, bring it to life, and even scale it.

Maybe you need help exhibiting somewhere or some help with career skills.

Whatever it is, we at Stickerbomb and Soi Books can help. Whether it's selling your idea through our global network or helping you produce it through all we’ve learned in manufacturing books. As creatives, artists, and freelancers, we face many problems. With a community of like-minded people and a supportive structure, we can help bring whatever ideas you have to life.  


A Living Breathing Creative Community Of People Who Want To Be Involved In Making Good Stuff


That’s all it is.

We can throw around buzzwords all day, but we want our community to have a vibe, have energy and we’ll do that by sharing (live) how we do our book layouts. We’ll open the doors to how books get commissioned, we’ll encourage some of you to share tours of your own studios, share what you are up to, and together we can build a sustainable creative practice.

So have a look at the community and join now.