Danny Rumbl - Vintage Cartoons & Indonesian Food

by Shaz Hassan


Food is a big part of Asian culture and Dutch-Indonesian artist Danny Rumbl puts his Indonesian roots to work in his art.

Food and food products are definitely themes that come up more often in my work, they are often beautiful shapes that I can use in my compositions.



I want to start with your background - you are part Indonesian? how has your family background affected your work?

My mother was born in Indonesia near Surabaya and came to the Netherlands when she was 6 with her family. I can't really say that my background has influenced my work until much later in my life. For example, last year I did an artistic research into my background and the Indonesian food culture which resulted in a recipe booklet accompanied by artworks.

Now it is a theme that regularly recurs in my work.

And how would you describe your work?

It's largely dynamic figurative characters that I try to stylize. Important elements in my work are composition and use of colour. I get influences from vintage illustrations, nature and food culture.
And how does graffiti and painting spots fit into your work these days? You still see it as very important to you and how you're going forward?

It's very important to still go out and paint. It gives me the feeling of ultimate freedom. Expressing yourself creatively without receiving a direct (financial) reward in return is very important. During these sessions you can completely create what you want and experiment with new styles and techniques.
So I hope I can continue to do this for the rest of my life!


Check out more work by Danny Rumbl here and fingers crossed we'll be collaborating with him soon.