Free Your Mind: Art, Design and Creativity From Bergamo, Italy

by Shaz Hassan

a blue sky of the town of bergamo, north italy


Around 40km outside of Milan in the Italian Alps lies the UNESCO World Heritage site of Bergamo. Steeped in history, the town is known for art, architecture and music and it is also the home of Otto Free Mind - a multimedia artist, graphic designer and all round creative.


I really enjoy your graphical work and this imaginary advertising world you've conjured up

A lot of my work is bold lines, juxtaposed colours but the imaginary advertising world and the ideas behind it has its roots in manga, pop contests and even a bit of tattoo symbolism. 


A graphic image of a red three eyed fish that has been inspired by the tv show The Simpsons. It sits surrounded by text that reads Genuine Creativity and Crazy Solutions.


Art and its processes have always fascinated me. I have experimented and deepened various techniques over my career. 

hence my interest in graphics and communication. Thanks to Artist Academy study, where I obtained the first degree in Graphic Design, I improved my background through a personal and distinctive language, never abandoning paper and pen, tools that I still use now to give birth to my every project.


A red tiger, black background, japanese text and english text that reads Dead Or Alive


How has your background and even the town of Bergamo influenced your work?

Everything started from when I was child - my mum painted often, my dad has always been a very curious guy and very practical and my grandmother was a great seamstress.

And yes of course, Bergamo has played an important part of my artistic work. It's not a big city but it has a lot of history starting with the Romans through to the Medieval times, the Renaissance and the influence of the Venice Republic State.


the walls of bergamo


Città Alta

An important symbol of Bergamo and a source of influence is the Città Alta - the ancient historical part of town located in the hills of Bergamo surrounded by huge walls. I go once a week, walk around and lose myself in this treasure and it helps me find new details and aspects that I've never seen before.



And your name?

My real name is Davide, but most people know me as Otto, since when I was a child. This nickname comes from "The Family Matters" a famous american sitcom, in Italy it was translate as "Otto Sotto un Tetto" and when I was younger I weared a big glasses, like Steve the main character and I was usually laughing with everybody, so came out Otto with no many motivations 😂. While Free Mind is correlated to my positive and adventure spirit. and my motto is "Crazy Little Things''.

What's the best advice you received in the last year?

Believe in yourself and feel the flow.



Check out Otto Free Mind here and he features in our latest Stickerbomb 4 book which will be out May 2023.