Relaunching Stickerbomb..again

by Shaz Hassan

We've been an illustration agency in London, a content events agency in Asia. We manufactured t-shirts and merchandise in Thailand and dabbled with image licensing in North America. We had a gallery in Bangkok and an office in Singapore.

All of it did ok, with varying degrees of mediocre success and failure.

Maybe at times we lacked focus and maybe our heart wasn’t in it and because we never really smashed it, we’ve felt a bit of disappointment about what the brand and business could have been.

So after a lot of reflection and time away to digest we have a new found focus which has brought a wave of energy which has helped us realize something very simple. We never focused on the success we had - which was in making books and films.

Chip7, Bangkok, Thailand.


With that in mind, we’re proud to announce that we’re fixing up all this mediocrity crap and launching Stickerbomb Press aka SBPress.

An indie book label based around collaboration with all the artists we know and love.

We’re currently curating work with some of our favourite artists, including Tania Brun from Peru, Xeme from Hong Kong, Tom Blackford from London, Washio Tomoyuki and Suiko from Japan and Chip7 from Bangkok amongst others.

Tania Brun in her Arequipa studio, Peru.

We will be publishing books that are personal, focusing on place and process.

The concept we are working with is an annotated monograph. Monograph meaning a focused look on the artist work and their world. Annotated meaning the books will have some personal illustrative or graphical touches.

Hong Kong, On Road. Photo courtesy of Xeme.

We’re already in the midst of compiling the first round of books to go to print around and it’s a massively enjoyable experience.  

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