Introducing 'Chip7Land'

by Shaz Hassan

CHIP7 has been working on street art and graffiti for over 20 years. He was founding member of legendary crew MAYHEM and was cited as a future star in the book The History of American Graffiti.

Most of Chip’s recent work has been inspired by his Thai and South-East Asian ancestral roots plus the Hindu epic stories such as the Mahabharata and Ramayana.


flicking through Chip7's first art monograph book



Chip7Land is a chaotic, energetically produced monograph that highlights some of Chip’s work over the last twenty years. Executed in his ‘techno- organic’ style he moves freely between wall and canvas, always expressing himself with vivid colours that leap off the pages. Art directed by Chip himself this pocket size book is an artwork to itself and will transport instantly to Bangkok, Thailand.