Stickerbombworld 'Open For Business'

by Shaz Hassan

We're very happy to announce that Stickerbomb World is open for business. 

As well as publishing books, the team behind Stickerbomb World has been known to produce fun motion graphics, physical and digital zines and sticker packs. 


So we're happy to say that we are re-opening for business and offering these services once more.

If you are looking for logo animations, animated stings and you need to bring your content alive through some motion graphics, you can speak directly with us and we'll make it happen. If you need physical stickers, zines or products. Let us know. We've got hundreds of artists to call upon who love working with us, so we can make it very easy to create something unique to you, your brand and campaign.

And if you need to see what we've done in the past, check out some work we did with Levi's, Canon and you can find out a bit more about Stickerbomb here