Ioke, From Peru to Barcelona

by Shaz Hassan

Ioke is a Peruvian artist originally from the capital Lima. Now after 5 years of living in Barcelona we have a little email catch up to see how life's treating him.   


How’s all the art?

Good good good, this past year I was more into forming a new demential shock diy garage punk band where I was lucky to have the freedom to compose lyrics and also sing. We are three visual artists so we combine several genres of music with a strong visual offering - we illustrate, animate, build our costumes up from recycled materials.

It’s a trashy theatrical satirical spectacle worth seeing and enjoying for all ages.

What do you find yourself working on today in 2022?

We are planning and preparing an important gig in an Underground Fanzine Comic Festival. Also I am working on a Monster Alphabet Illustrated Book (we don’t have an official name yet). And helping my girlfriend with art direction and scenography for short films, pretty much that these days..


How is Barcelona today?

Last night I went for a walk and it was strange how it made me remember 2019, like nothing ever happened, crazy.

People hanging out on the streets having drinks , dancing and shouting. Maybe it is the euphoria as they are relieved to have some restrictions of night entertainment lifted this weekend. Expos and openings are coming back also. Good sensation in the air but in a way I will miss the empty city.

Is the pandemic still affecting you and how do you think things are gonna work out?

Bizarre times yeah.

For me it is still a little weird to go to an opening and meet with colleagues after more than two years of almost not seeing anyone. Some (people) have new hairstyles, other have babies. In a positive way I think people are anxious so they want to continue creating, collaborating and do anything to leave this episode behind them.


Has you work changed much over the years and what do you enjoy working on now?

Since I moved here (5 years now) I began to make more colorful pieces - I suppose it is this city and the vibe. I also began to experience painting character typographies, airbrushing, tattooing.

Right now I love this insane band project because it mixes a lot of disciplines. We have tons of fun working as a crew and there is this feeling of having no limits as long as we have a good time .

 And what next?

Rock and Roll  


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