Introducing Soi Books

Art From An Artists' Perspective


Soi Books is a series of monographs that focus on individual Stickerbomb artists we have collaborated with since 2008.


These set of mini books are a self-portrait of the artist and have been developed in playful and intuitive ways which can also be considered an unofficial perspective on towns and cities around the world presented through the eyes of the artist and edited by the Stickerbomb team.


Digital photography meets 35mm. High-res scans clash with crusty mobile phone photography. All of which creates a unique atmosphere and insight into the mind and process of the artist and the place and location they inhabit.


Hong Kong.


Xeme with his raw East coast style blending with Chinese calligraphy and more recently his pixel work has been the first stop for many artists when they would visit Asia.

He has shared some unique pictures and perspectives and over the years has featured in a number of our Stickerbomb books, exhibitions as well as an early publication of ours, Graffiti Asia. 



Arequipa, Peru.


Hailing from Arequipa, Peru, Tania Brun has always fascinated us with her printing, embroidery and illustration. With great pleasure we get to present a more focused look at her work and her town.


"...I work around the theme of death as a way to accept the fact that we are all going to die someday.."



Bangkok, Thailand.


Chip7 is a veteran and legend in graffiti across the world. No-one around paints in a style close to him and his 'Techno-Organic' vibe has set him apart from many graffiti contemporaries. One of the founding members of MAYHEM crew it's a real honour to presenting a unique publication looking at Chip7's time in Bangok, Thailand.